Saturday, November 29, 2008


I was a negative Nancy in my comments today. srys

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My art class

Today I'm sitting in art history class, the sear boredom that ensues. I have little better to do in this than edit this bloggy---OK I did make that word up---thing. We are talking about how much the 1950s suck and pop art comes from that. Well of course the 50s sucked, everyone knows that the idealized thing the Republican Party strives toward doesn't exist. I don't need Fonda telling me these things, I don't need Leonard Cohen telling me these things, or, the IPU forbid, Tori Amos singing a Leonard Cohen.
Of the actual visual artists we've talked about today a full 60% killed themselves. 60% of the people are dead by there own hand because there lives sucked so much living phony false façades--- Come on, can I spell a word the correct way, Firefox?---of a life. I'm not really sure where I'm going with this, I guess my point I can see why people kill themselves and it can make some people more interesting. Here is where I differ from one of my foremost idols, Tomas Kalnoky. I won't explain who that is to anyone, you are all intelligent enough to use Goggle or Wiki.
Beyond the basic just state and place, I think I should clarify my other two posts. The first one, about skanking, in the first paper there is a line about me skanking everywhere. The other is about how my bitterness isn't as long lasting as it may seem. I clearly got those across in very poor ways but, I don't really care the writing of them, much like the writing of the is cathartic.
Oh that video I alluded to I just learned how to stream so I guess I'll put it in this one.

I hope that works. Byes for today!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bleak Misanthropy ( :( )

Today is Wednesday and it is tragically nonwhimsical.--If that isn't a word, it should be it makes linguistic sense--This lack of whimsy isn't because this needs to be typed, it'd be better with it. The lack of whimsy is because I should be able to think in strait lines for the other thing I have to type, that "exploration" business I'm not really sure how much of that I'll be able to pull out of my ass though. The lack of whimsy defeats the name of this blog and that is sad panda. I'd rather not be a SAAAAAAD Panda. I shouldn't have to put up with that. The level at which I'm sad panda is about on par with this video on YouTube that is a slideshow of panda pictures with Mad World, as preformed by Gary Jules in the background. It is at Sad Panda if anyone cares. It is sillyful---Ok, that might not be a word but it makes sense and is itself sillyful---but in a dark way.
Bleak Misanthropy is overwhelming my psyche, I have a strong urge to go comment some ultra-violence, I see this as unlikely though as there in no Korova milkbar arounds- Oh come on Clockwork Orange is a great a famous piece of English Literature you accept fake words from Shakespeare why not those e'specially milkbar. (I can't say "esp" or "exc" well so I will type them as I say them).
Well I forgot where i was, oh yeah sad and misanthropic with violent thoughts, well it is like that but mixed with apathy and Passivism,---By the IPU, bbhsh, TextEdit I'm disturbed you don't see that as a word---so not like that at all, save in my thoughts. Well hmm...should tie this in...well when I wasn't happy in DC I didn't care and was hoping to I'd be able to make the experience whimsical.
Speaking of I think I'll go get whimsical now, fuck linear thought on the other paper my happiness is more important.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Feeling like Skankin'

I am greatly compelled to go skanking.---That is a word FireFox, don't you lie to me.---I've been listening to Ska---Also a word FireFox, liar----all day and need to go skank. Ska is so full of energy and this has been transfered to me. So skanking would be awesome now. Yet, there is no room to do it in this hallway of a room I live in. And it is too cold backslash dark outside. I can'ts be having that shit. I need to go find a big open area where I can skank. hmm...
So it has come to my attention that not everyone knows what skanking is, thanks, Scott. For other people that are near criminally stupid like Scott I would send you to youtube link….hmm….hmmm… and no videos found in ten minute search were good. So I will use my WORDS. This will be about as effective as writing about how to have sex, i.e., not.
So a good Skank pit involves moving in a circle about as fast as the music moving your legs beneath your knees in kicking motions, back and forth and side to side, and swinging your arms, bent at the elbow, back and forth AND side to side, dumb youtube motherfuckers--Come on motherfuckers isn't world, really FireFox?---well that is about as good as I can do
maybe I'll put a picture or better video later, maybe. I don’t think I will though, on something that connects better. Go to a ska show and learn yourself
I’m going to go skank.